Fish tacos with sweet and sour vegetables

I’ve only recent come around to the gloriousness that is a fish taco (many apologies to my spouse for my initial resistance!) But, no matter, I’ve seen the light and it is tasty! We made them once using a recipe for sweet and sour cabbage and it was a great match. That was the initial plan but when you’re really determined to buy as much local produce as you can, you have to adapt. So it goes that there was no cabbage to be found so we settled on pak choi.

We also had the wonderful heirloom carrots and some radishes from the market today that seemed like good additions. The addition of carrots and radishes and the different shape of the pak choi  led to some improvisation of the recipe but that’s ok. That’s how you learn new things!

Start by chopping your veggies. Keep the stems and the leaves of the pak choi separate as they cook at different rates.

The radishes, carrots, and pak choi stems:

Stir fry these for a bit:

Add the pak choi leaves:

Make the sweet and sour sauce:

Stir it in:

Let this simmer until everything is cooked to your liking. Be warned that the purple carrots will turn the sauce pink. Pink vegetables are fun!

We typically use tilapia for our fish tacos. A little Tony’s seasoning and a few minutes in the cast iron…

Shred the fish, heat up your tortillas and there you go! Fish tacos with sweet and sour vegetables! And, less than 30 minutes to boot!


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One thought on “Fish tacos with sweet and sour vegetables

  1. It took me a while to be willing to try fish tacos as well…and now they are a definite meal in our home!

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