The Ruby Slipper Sandwich

I’m entering the Sandwich Throwdown at Mindy B’s Deli! Go here and “like” my comment featuring the Ruby Slipper sandwich. The top 3 sandwiches will move on to compete in the store for 3 weeks. At the end of that time, the most popular sandwich gets put on the menu for a full year!

Why Ruby Slipper you ask? The sandwich is served on ciabatta bread which translates from Italian as “slipper”. The bread was so named for its supposed resemblance to a slipper. Hmm…pretty sure it doesn’t look like my slippers but that’s ok. The ruby is for the gorgeous cranberry sauce. This cranberry sauce might be my favorite part of the sandwich. It is the “red stuff” served at my family Thanksgiving every year. I love this stuff. love. it. (You know that snacking you tend to do as you clean up the holiday dishes? Well, somehow the red stuff ended up on a roll with a piece of ham and, well, it was glorious.)

The Ruby Slipper is roasted turkey, black forest bacon, cave aged gruyere cheese, “red stuff” cranberry sauce, mayo, and  lettuce (I really wanted arugula but there was none to be found today) served on toasted garlic ciabatta bread.

I couldn’t just dream up a sandwich without giving it a whirl myself, so dinner tonight was the inaugural debut of the Ruby Slipper!


Go here and “like” the Ruby Slipper so you can have one yourself at Mindy B’s Deli!


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