Homemade Pasta with Garlic Scape Pesto

Homemade pasta was always something I wanted to try but the process seemed very intimidating. A wonderful Christmas gift last year was the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer and I’ve discovered how easy and how deliciously satisfying it is to make your own pasta! (I will admit to going through at least a dozen eggs before I discovered that pasta dough looks like no other dough and I quit throwing it out thinking I had done something horribly wrong).

I’ve been using the recipe for light whole wheat pasta that came with the pasta attachment. Now that I’ve got the process down I think I’d like to experiment more with some new variations. A spinach or kale pasta is high on that list.

Simply mix sifted bread flour, sifted whole wheat flour, eggs, a bit of water and salt together in the kitchen aid. After about 30 seconds, switch to the dough hook and knead the dough. This will not look like any dough you are used to seeing. It does not form a ball. Knead for 2 minutes and then forma ball with your hands. You may have to add more water at this point if it feels a bit dry. It will be a very heavy dough and sandy seems the best way to describe it.

Break the larger ball into smaller, walnut sized balls and prepare the pasta attachment for whatever shape pasta you are making. I used the spaghetti attachment. Feed your dough balls in and out comes your formed pasta! This reminds me of the play dough toy people where you could make play dough “hair” šŸ˜‰

If you are drying the pasta for a later use you should hang it on a wooden drying rack. I was using this the same evening so I just made little pasta nests on a towel.

Fresh pasta can be cooked in about 2-4 minutes. Use a large pot so the pasta is not crammed and salt the water well.

This whole process only took 30 minutes for fresh, homemade pasta! Could you make a bag of pasta in less time? Absolutely. Does it taste as good? Absolutely not. This pasta has a very different mouth feel and bite. It has a nice, almost nutty flavor and is so much more than just a vessel for the sauce.

We served this pasta with Garlic Scape Pesto and lamb chops from Sequatchie Cove Farm.


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