The beginning of the canning frenzy!

This is the best time of year. All the lovely fresh fruits and veggies appearing at the market give you option after option for yummy meals. It’s also the time to start putting all that away to help you get through the winter. I know, you could go to the grocery in December and buy a jar of strawberry jam but it just wouldn’t be as good, I promise. When you make it yourself you know exactly what goes in and it’s usually less expensive. My first year of canning was pricey. I had to buy all the jars and a jar lifter and a giant pot. But, jars are reusable (with the exception of the tops but those are cheap) so it gets less expensive as you build up your supply of jars.

Last weekend my little kitchen produced 10 jars of cabbage relish, 6 jars of peach jam, and 8 jars of peach salsa. I also made a batch of spent grain bread. It was a busy, messy, lovely time!

The peaches were seconds from Hazelrig Farm. Seconds are a great option for canning. They are perfectly edible fruits (or veggies) that may have a few blemishes and/or be just a day or so from being overripe. People aren’t usually willing to pay full price for something that doesn’t look perfect so you can score a great deal on a basket of fruit.

The cabbage was caraflex cabbage from Signal Mountain Farm


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2 thoughts on “The beginning of the canning frenzy!

  1. Sounds wonderful…I know I’m a few days late, but I’d love to hear your recipe for peach salsa!! This is my first year canning (I’ve just done preserves and pickled onions so far) so I’m so glad you’re blogging about your canning 🙂

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