Cooking…in the car

Have you ever wished for a better option when traveling than a fast food restaurant? Well, I’ve discovered 2 new ways to cook meals that will be most helpful when you are traveling.

Our local food column reported an interesting method for roasting chicken the other day – in the crock pot in your car! There are adapters for the cigarette lighter in your car that allow you to plug-in a standard plug. One very hungry industrious reader said that she plugged in her crock pot and roasted a chicken on her last 6 hour car trip. I’d hate to be sitting next to the crock pot if the car was rear ended!

A mother wrote in to the Click and Clack show recently to inquire about more cost-effective ways to feed her son his favorite after school snack of quesadilla. They suggested wrapping them in aluminum foil and letting them cook on the engine on her way to pick him up.

Hmm…I’m a fan of ingenious ideas and I certainly try to avoid fast food but I’m not sure I’m on board with these ideas. They sound a bit more dangerous than  a greasy order of fries!



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