I scream, you scream…

We all scream for ice cream! I spent the majority of last week running a small ice cream factory out of my kitchen. Every night a different flavor…

Ice cream for 70 people looks a little like this…(plus a quart of strawberries that didn’t make the picture)

America’s Test Kitchen has pretty perfect sorbet recipe that I used for both the peach and strawberry sorbet. My basic ice cream recipe is from Fine Cooking. It is a wonderful custard base that takes well to almost any flavor you want to add.

Individual cups make things a little more fun (and less messy than scooping ice cream in the hot sun!). If you ever need labels I highly recommend Davet Designs. Super easy to work with and when I needed a last minute rush order of strawberry sorbet labels she only charged me $5 for the rush work!

I got the cute little cups and spoons from The Party Fairy on etsy. They hold about 3 oz which turns out to be the perfect size to let you sample several flavors 😉

So happy I got to be a part of the graduation weekend and celebrate  my bestest friend!

Coffee ice cream, Peach sorbet, and Strawberry sorbet. There was Basil Walnut ice cream as well but apparently it got eaten too fast for the picture 🙂

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