St Elmo Deli and Grill

We stopped by the St Elmo Deli and Grill for lunch last Saturday. This spot has been home to several different delis during it’s life. The St Elmo Deli and Grill has been open a few months now and just started opening on Saturday so this was our first real chance to give it a try.

It’s right next to the Incline Railway so I suspect they get a good bit of tourist traffic. We were a bit late for the lunch rush at 1:30 but there were still several occupied tables. You order at the counter and then seat yourself. We were getting take out so we browsed the books and magazines in the “library” where you can borrow a book to read during your meal and take it home with you if you like. Bring the book back when you can and bring in your old books to donate for others to read as well. What a nice idea!

There is limited parking in the front but you can pay $1 and park in the Incline parking lot. I understand that if you have to pay to park they’ll give you a free drink with your meal to make it up to you.

I  read a review several weeks ago that mentioned a smoked chicken salad so I had that on my mind before I even looked at the menu. There are several salads and a good variety of sandwiches. The Hawaiian Ham Wrap almost distracted me with its pineapple chutney but I stuck with the smoked chicken salad sandwich. Neal opted for the Real Man’s Pimento Cheese which was a grilled pimento cheese served with ham and bacon. Sandwiches come with homemade chips or you can opt for another side for a $1 more. They had a blue cheese slaw that sounded really interesting but I was feeling simple and I love homemade chips so I kept them as my side.

Our service was quick and very friendly. You can see directly into the kitchen area and things looked nice and clean.

I was really quite pleased with the chicken salad. It had a little bacon in it but not so much that it overwhelmed the chicken. It also had chopped red and yellow peppers which, in addition to being very tasty, made for a lovely presentation. I was very happy to see that they use real lettuce, not the dreaded shredded iceberg! The  chips were great! Very crispy and not at all salty (yea!). I didn’t try the pimento cheese but the report back was that it was good but the ham was a bit unnecessary.

I’m excited to have a quick sandwich option right here in the neighborhood!

Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich


Real Man Pimento Cheese Sandwich



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