Squash Casserole

Squash casserole was the highlight of our high school lunches. It was a pretty typical southern recipe that involved boiled squash and a good, buttery cracker topping. A friend gave me a recipe from Southern Living a few years back and it replicated what I remembered pretty well.

However, I now want a slightly healthier version (healthy squash casserole…an oxymoron, perhaps?). I used the Southern Living recipe as a (very) loose base. I started with about 2 lbs of squash that I chopped to a fine dice and cooked in the skillet with onion and red bell pepper. Boiling leeches so many of the nutrients from a vegetable and I also thought it might be nice to keep the integrity of the squash and not boil it into mush.

This squash is from Signal Mountain Farm.

Let the squash mixture cool for a bit and then mix with 2 eggs and just a bit of mayo (maybe 1/8 of a cup) and some sharp cheddar cheese.  Spoon this into a casserole dish and bake at 350  for about 30 minutes.

Yep, I skipped the topping all together. Just doesn’t seem necessary.

What you get is part squash casserole and part squash custard. Not your traditional casserole by any means but a (slightly) healthier, very tasty adaptation!

(It’s not the most photogenic dish but I wanted you to see the texture)


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