Polenta Stuffed Chard

I really like Swiss Chard and I’m pretty sure it’s for reasons other than the gorgeous rainbow-colored stems. Pretty sure.

Signal Mountain Farms Swiss Chard

No matter why you eat it, chard is good for you and brightens up the kitchen. Especially on the messy, rainy night we made this Polenta Stuffed Swiss Chard that Neal heard on NPR the other day.

Polenta is similar to grits but it is yellow cornmeal and a more medium grind. You need to allow a bit of time for this recipe because the polenta needs to chill but the actual hands on time is pretty minimal.

Mushrooms seemed like a natural addition to this recipe so I re hydrated some shiitake mushrooms and used the mushroom water to make the polenta to increase the depth of flavor. Add the mushrooms in at the end of the cooking.

The recipe calls for removing the stems before pouring the boiling water over the chard. Next time I might wait and cut the stems out of the wilted chard as our chard tore a bit. Of course, that could be because I misread the recipe and actually boiled the leaves instead of just pouring the water over. 🙂

wrapping up packets of polenta was really quite fun!

Because our chard leaves tore we had to manipulate a few leaves together at times but it worked just fine.

so colorful!

I think we used more sauce to top the chard than originally called for but it seemed just right to me. I baked ours for 20 minutes instead of the 10 called for and skipped the broiler. The polenta is cold going into the oven and 10 minutes was just not enough time to heat it through.


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