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Movin’ on up…to the food truck in the sky!

Check out this article from the NY Times about food trucks servicing high-rise buildings in New York.

Apparently a few high-rise buildings have invited local food trucks to ride up their freight elevators to set up shop in the building. Initially, this idea was pretty exciting to me. Get on board with the food truck! Expose more people to different food!


When I think about the food truck “movement”,¬† I think about community, about meeting a new friend in line, about getting outside and exploring your neighborhood. Hauling the truck up on the elevator just doesn’t mesh with those ideas.


I also get that a big advantage of a food truck is to take the food to the people and open up access in areas where it doesn’t make sense to have a brick and mortar restaurant.

I’m conflicted but I suppose the bigger picture is that more people are getting to eat interesting food and that can’t be bad, right?

(maybe I’m just jealous ’cause the food trucks don’t come to me at work! hint, hint¬† Taco Sherpa and Famous Naters!)

The Turkey Katherine from Famous Nater’s – from the opening day party!

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Taco Sherpa

The food truck phenomenon has taken off in Chattanooga! Taco Sherpa is the latest addition, offering up Korean style BBQ tacos. I opted for the galbi (pork) bowl version today at lunch – minus the corn tortilla and add brown rice. A lavender mint soda from Pure Sodaworks was the perfect complement!

The flavors were great! The pork was juicy and the soy marinade melded perfectly with the vinegary-ness of the vegetables. I was worried the Sherpa Sauce might be a bit spicy but it was just right!

I’m a bit enthralled with food trucks. The overhead costs are lower, allowing more people to jump in the game and offer unique options. The ease of mobility is definitely a plus and exposes more people to good food – always a good thing!

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