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Foodscaping seems to be a buzzword floating around lately. The idea is to incorporate edible plants into your landscape. Mix some herbs in with your flowers, a tomato in with the roses, or maybe a bean trellis on your fence.

The idea of a mixed use landscape directly conflicts with my  need for order and organization but I like it. There are some lovely vegetable and herb plants that can really enhance a bed. Also, companion plantings can be utilized to help attract pollinators and beneficial insects. While you may not have room for a traditional garden, you can always tuck a few plants into the existing bed.

I saw this Swiss chard in a bed recently. I’m pretty sure it is just being used as an ornamental here but there is no reason a few of those gorgeous leaves couldn’t come in for dinner as well.

We have a trellis in our back yard with a climbing rose planted at the base. We’ve tucked some sugar snap peas into the pots as well to entertain us as we wait for the roses to bloom.

The most important rule for your beds and garden is to remember that there really aren’t any rules. Do what works for you and brings you the most enjoyment out of your yard!

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