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Eat Up, Chattanooga!

Eat Up is a new local cookbook series produced by Gaining Ground. It is a 4-part, seasonal cookbook and the spring edition is available now.

It is gorgeous! The pencil sketches on the front are fabulous and the photography inside is stellar. It is available (for free!!) at the local markets and there are also a few cooking demonstrations scheduled to showcase the recipes. Check out the schedule for those dates.

One of the recipes I’ve seen talked about the most is the beet brownies. I’ve not made this particular recipe but I have made the Beet Cake from Fine Cooking. I can attest that beets + chocolate = fabulousness. Crazy, but true! Everyone that tasted this cake said it was the best chocolate cake they had ever had. I would love to attribute that to my cooking skills but it was the beets, really.

Make sure you pick up a copy of the Spring edition; there are some great recipes to try!


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Sunday Market! June 3

Nectarines, Peaches, and yellow squash – Hazelrig Farm

Strawberries – Flattop Mountain Farm

Squash blossoms and green beans

Garlic Scapes – Sheerlark Farm

Garlic and Chive Goat Cheese – Bonnie Blue Farm

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Sunday Market! 5-20

Strawberries – Tidwell Berry Farm – I’m pretty sure these are the best strawberries I’ve ever had!

Broccoli – Sheerlark Farms

Napa Cabbage, Kale, and Swiss Chard – Signal Mountain Farm


The theme for the market this week was Strawberry Festival but, I think the theme for my basket was greens! The phrase “grocery budget” seems to cease to exist to me when I get to the market and see all the lovely produce. I suppose there are worse vices 🙂

The menu for the week:

Beef Rendang

Braised Lamb and Collards

Chard Tart with broccoli

Kale and Cabbage Gratin with Sausage


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Sunday Market, May 13

It’s Market Day!

Strawberries – Flat Top Mountain

Garlic Scapes – Sheerlark Farms

Sugar Snap Peas and Onions – Signal Mountain Farm

Carrots and Potatoes – both came from new vendors that didn’t appear to be named farms. I’ll try to double check next week.

Aren’t those purple carrots gorgeous?!? Stay tuned for lots of yummy meals to come this week!

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Sunday Market! April 29

Its market day again! What a difference a week makes. There was so much more produce available this week! Strawberries (yea!), broccoli, snow peas, red leaf lettuce, carrots, radishes, kale…oh my!

Broccoli and red leaf lettuce – Rainbow Hill Farm

Snowpeas and kale – Sheerlark Farm

Strawberries – Tidwell Berry Farm

Radishes and carrots – unfortunately, in the excitement of finding purple carrots at the market, I didn’t notice the name of this new vendor. I’ll be sure to make a note next week!

Spelt Millet Bread – Bernhard’s Bread Bakery (home to the best pretzel and my favorite Sunday snack)

Half of the strawberries have been put in the freezer to save for sorbet. The snowpeas have almost all been devoured (oops!) and there are exciting things on the menu for the rest…stay tuned!

A Pure Sodaworks  apple pie soda and a Good Dog hot dog topped off the market trip this week.


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Restaurant Week

It’s Restaurant Week! (well, it will be soon!) This is the second year for restaurant week which began last year as part of the Harvested Here Campaign. Local restaurants develop prix fixe menus around local ingredients to highlight our many wonderful chefs and the amazing plethora of locally grown goodness we have right in our own backyard.  Restaurant week is a great opportunity to explore a new restaurant at a pretty good price. Maybe you’ll discover a favorite new local  veggie and restaurant!

Restaurant Week

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Taco Sherpa

The food truck phenomenon has taken off in Chattanooga! Taco Sherpa is the latest addition, offering up Korean style BBQ tacos. I opted for the galbi (pork) bowl version today at lunch – minus the corn tortilla and add brown rice. A lavender mint soda from Pure Sodaworks was the perfect complement!

The flavors were great! The pork was juicy and the soy marinade melded perfectly with the vinegary-ness of the vegetables. I was worried the Sherpa Sauce might be a bit spicy but it was just right!

I’m a bit enthralled with food trucks. The overhead costs are lower, allowing more people to jump in the game and offer unique options. The ease of mobility is definitely a plus and exposes more people to good food – always a good thing!

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Market Day!

After a long, cold winter (ok, not so cold this year but really, really long without my Sunday market!) the day has finally arrived…Opening Day of the Chattanooga Market!

Early season produce from Rainbow Hill Farm:

Link 41…best bacon ever!

Gorgeous spoons and utensils – adding these to the market wish list!

Sad face…all the strawberries were sold out in 30 minutes! A second delivery came but the line wrapped around and around the booth. Sigh, maybe next week!

I missed out on the strawberries, but I did get…Asparagus! I might actually be more excited about that fabulous find anyway!

It’s still early days for the produce but it was great to be back in the market groove!

What fabulous things found their way into your basket this week?

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